Posted on 07/11/2011


corrections of and mods to the paper on polish alternative avant for a project called sound exchange. hopefully we’re getting somewhere slowly, and there’s a premiere cooking up. there will be quite a lot of interesting stuff from neighboring countries.


In attempting to assess the results of encounters between the communities of formally and informally trained contemporary music artists, we must observe a cautious rapprochement marked by distrust and reserve. At festivals organized by the compositional community, alternative music is rather not present or ‘negatively’ present – thanks to the community’s closed attitude and falsifications of its image. Also slowly, but consistently, repertoire from the academic community is being included in the programs of alternative events (…). In both real and virtual space, a discourse is in progress – not infrequently of strongly antagonistic character – which does not at all mean that, for example, the majority of the young compositional community in Poland is aware of the activities of their colleagues ‘on the other side of the border’.

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