imaschine’s ups and downs

Posted on 04/11/2011


while it’s an ingenious, very easy to master tool for sketching, it is a pain in the ass for almost any subsequent editing: try moving a pattern back two bars, for example. it is extremely useful – i just made a quick nice song nucleus during a tram trip – and extremely useless: i can’t use what i did for virtually any editing in the daw i use. no velocity or pitch control for individual notes. no song editing. very cumbersome for precise corrections. i can’t move the bass track to my daw to use different timbres, when those in imaschine are not what i need. etc. etc. etc.
what native instruments was acually successful at, was to create a product which grasps attention and forces you to buy maschine (mikro) if you actually want to use it. else you just bought a piece of software that will make you feel sad.
ni, if you really want to introduce us to maschine welt, give some flex. at the very minimum make midi export possible and midi sync of imaschine with any other device. i understand imaschine is a sketch tool for maschine (mikro), but spending 350 euro as a consequence of spending 4 seems kinda steep. hardly an „introduction”. at the moment, i just want a useful tool for mobile work.

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